Heavenletter #5850 The Main Requirement I Ask of You in Service to Me , November 30, 2016

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God said:
Listen carefully, devoted ones. Let Me tell you what your service to Me looks like to Me — how I see your service to the world, to Me, and to yourself.

There is nothing greater than service to Me, yet service to Me doesn’t mean you are to cut yourself too thin. There is no need to over-perform. Nice easy service to God serves the day.

In joy, you serve Me best. In strain, whom do you serve? Not yourself. Not the world. Not Me. You serve an illusionary Ideal. Whatever you do in service to Me, I say in big print: ENJOY!

Give generously. Give with all your heart, yet not give the skin off your teeth.

Enough trying to prove your goodness. You don’t have to be the Best Giver in the World. You simply obligingly give what is yours to give. You give your all, yet you don’t knock yourself out. Come from happiness rather than servitude any day. Do you understand Me?

It is said that I rested on the seventh day.

It’s okay for you to sit up once in a while and read a dime novel.

There is Being and there is Doing. Of the two, Being takes the prize. Doing is secondary. Whatever you do, do with joy. From joy arises great things. Play a little. Have a good time.

We don’t keep score according to effort. We keep score according to joy. Joy is the key.

You don’t have to work your fingers to the bone to serve Me. Serve Me with your joy. Joy is worth diamonds. You are free to serve. Take joy.

Giving to the poor doesn’t mean that you are not to eat. Eat and enjoy.

Working by the sweat of your brow has its joy so long as it does. The proof of your good work is joy. Joy is how to calibrate your service to Me and My Ideals.

When you need sleep, you need sleep. When you need rest, you need rest.

Serving Me is meant to be joy and not unremitting sacrifice. True, there is joy in scrubbing floors for Me. You have to be doing something. In one sense, you are indentured in service to Me. This is true, yet not at your expense.

If you have anything to prove, show that serving Me brings you joy.

You are not a penitent.

Joy is to be your badge of honor. Serving Me is joy, not servitude. You are bound to Me in Love and Joy.

I turn away the concept of you as a drudge. Oh, no, no drudges for Me. I like to recruit happy workers who whistle while they work.

You are invited to work with Me. It is My pleasure to have you. Free yourself from the idea that serving Me is some kind of forced labor or tenure. I won’t have it. If you want to serve Me, serve Me with Joy Abounding. Joy is My foremost requirement. Joy is what I ask of you.

I do not trick you. I do not promise you Joy on one hand and give you an arduous contract to sign here that you can never get out of. Whatever assignment I ask you to do, I ask you to be happy, very happy, as happy as happy can be.

I look for workers who are joyful. Obedience doesn’t mean without joy. I am looking for workers who jump for joy. I am looking for natural wonders. No more do I want to see sore knees from your praying too hard on stone floors. Not at all. I am seeking Glad Servers of God who smile from ear to ear. I am seeking Glad Servers of God whose eyes are bright and who take delight in receiving and giving Joyful Love from Happy Hearts. Line up here to My Delight, My rosy-cheeked throng.

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