144 000 – Stay in your heart and discern from Hilda


After disclosure and contact with our inner earth family,144.000 lightworkers of the kumara bloodline will be escorted to the cristalline healing lightchambers of hollow earth.During this healing session all DNA will be activated(open) towards full consiousness.Mentors(lightmasters) will be escorting these ones during this proces to prevent fear during this psychodelic experience.You must be in the happy heart(heartspace) to integrate source energies to open all dna towards full consiousness(galactic human).
Our energy bodies all have damaged dna caused by the atomic blast of atlantis.
When all the 144.000 of the kumara bloodline are healed they will be relocated at one of the 144.000 leyline nodes/vortexes/stargates.Everyone of the 144.00 ‘s vibration matches one of the 144.000 leyline nodes/vortexes/stargates.People are vibrational “keys”to activate(galactic signature).
During a collective meditation/intent Mother earth will then be lifted into the higher vibrations towards full consiousness:all codes enlightened in the leylines/motherboard/tzolkin of mother earth.
The 144.00 then act as accupuncture needles through which source energy flows healing mother earth’s meridian/chakra system:opening all codes in the leylines/motherboard/tzolkin

– The Dalai Lama is an example of one of the 144.000.He is connected(same vibration/key) as a stargate in Tibet.By putting him in exile,he can not activate the stargate.Stargates copy eachother data/energy/vibration.By keeping the Dalai Lama away from “his “stargate” the dark ones have been preventing evolution/raising earth’s energy
– Another example.The vatican is built on a goddess stargate.As we all know everyone who has access to certain areas in the vatican is male.Only a woman can unlocked/withstand these energies/stargate.Why??A woman has the same energy within: a womb. a womb contains the energies of creation:the vibrations which are needed to create life aligned to source/LOVE/open dna.
CERN taps off this stargate which contains the energies of creation.


With Love

stay in your heart and discern
knowledge towards disclosure.