Keep on Keeping – Prayers for Standing Rock Part 5



Keep on Keeping ! Prayers with Standing Rock !
What I mean thereby is the following : The Xmas-Season is near -we all shall celebrate Santa Claus – give presents – eat delicious meals -and huddle up in warm houses —————————————————————————————————————————–
While out there at Standing Rocks the harsh Winter winds play along the large surface of the Dakota Plains and the Sacred Hills. Those Standing there – they do it for their endangered lifes and human rights and even for us too as we have declared ourselves solidarious with them.

So – please – keep on keeping !

Continue with Prayers for them !

And if you can somehow – anyhow – donate a little part of your seasonal presents for those there to keeo them warm and sheltered.

In Part 3 of my articles Prayers with Standing Rock you will find also a list which warm clothings and foodstuff can be bought from Amazon for them and their medical care.

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and please give your special attention to the Part 3 ! (Shortlink : Part 3)
To count live from our hearts´ desire – all of connecting to those out there – we are of the same family – do not let them on the high and dry there – keep on keeping !!!

Let our sisters and brothers get aware that we are dead serious when talking of them as siblings ! Blessings to all of us and thankfulness to God our Creator !



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