What Are Doubts Really? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You have questions. Some of your questions, you do not ask. Or you ask them in a round-about way. Your questions are often doubts in sheep’s clothing. You ask your questions often to allay suspicions that lurk within you. What are doubts really but suspicions?

You may ask in your heart:

“Where does everything that comes to me and all of us on Earth Life go? If energy is never lost, where has my energy gone? Where is it? If human life on Earth cannot be lost, does that mean that energy, including mine, is not wasted? It seems to me that on Earth I do waste a whole lot of energy until I seem to run out and have no more for that day.

“God, I well know that beauty exists. I never forgot beauty, even as I have not always seen beauty before me. I believe…

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