Waking up is an adventure worthwhile – the cosmic messenger pigeon


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...wo das Herz erwachen kann

Aufwachen<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

All of us have heard much about ascension. There is much channeled material and books about this subject and I would like to depict you my wholly private view and experience thereto too. If you feel like it you may participate also and report your experience down below in the category of comments so that we all can profit by it adding to all our experiences hitherto.

But before everything I want to stress the point that the whole drama around this topic “ascension” is rather too big as many of mankind have sub originated their whole life to this theme forgetting thereby that we have a life here too on earth which we must live as well. When I speak about ascension – which I do less and lesser – I change to the term “process of waking up” as the ascension…

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