Prayers with Standing Rock Part 4



Prayers with Standing Rock Part 4
This is a follow-up of all foregoing scripts part 1 – 3 serving the same theme.

Please, do not stop praying for preserving the pristine fresh waters out there at the plains and sacred land of Dakota. Continue with meditating and praying and give it to the Creator and universe to release it again when the big event of meditations and prayers is announced on the 11/11 each day and for November 26th, 2016.

As for Thanksgiving Day which was yesterday was in my inbox a special thanksgiving article of Laura Bruno with a wonderful poem about WATER. It fitted not only the thanksgiving of us all for the special gifts of the Creator and Nature but at the same time also for the purpose of those wanting to preserve the pristine fresh waters out there as pre-requisites of all human and nature life.
For the above reason I found it only appropriate to copy these Verses of Laura Bruno hereunder together with the introductory thanksgiving phrases of hers. Let us follow up her thanks as well to our all Creator and the Universe and bless Laura for this beautiful gifts.
Let us be so much thankful that it now is the time to stand up and to voice out our hearts´opinion and to do something against spoilage of our last resources of our beloved earth.
It is the time that we all get conscious that it is on us and our actions to safeguard too our loving Earth Mother Gaia !
And here is the wonderful thanksgiving script of Laura Bruno
and a Water PrayerGratitude, Flow

In these days leading up to Thanksgiving, I just want to take a few moments to express gratitude for my amazing readers, clients, friends and family who engage with me in life, sessions and through this blog. I lead a truly blessed life that at the end of a back-to-back session day, I feel so privileged to know so many incredibly sensitive, powerful, magical, loving and astute people out there.
Thank you from the depths of my overflowing heart for being here now.
Thank you for showing up, and thank you for putting your own love and energy back into the world, even when — especially when — that world seems topsy turvy, scary, wild and unpredictable. And thank you for having the courage to withdraw back into your Self, to fill your own well, allowing your own healing through the waters to and from their Source.
And now, a prayer:

May we each flow with the Mighty Element of Water.
May the Undines, Mer People, Dolphins and the Swimming Ones
Join with us as we join and flow with them.
May the Mighty Element of Water protect and honor
The Water Protectors at Standing Rock.
May the Mighty Element of Water reclaim Her Sovereignty:
Never again allowing Herself to be forced into abuse.
May water cannons reverse upon those intending harm,
Blast away the corporate fascism
And generational brainwashing.
May the Mighty Element of Water cleanse all hatred, fear and greed.
May this cleansing purify and irrigate the hearts
Of any souls so parched that they only know The Wasteland.
May the Grail pour Awen upon the crowns of all involved.
May inspiration and understanding fill their eyes
Like Salmon of Wisdom leaping against the current
Into Destiny.

May the Tides of Change relieve any droughts
And nourish hill and dale, and field and tree.
May the Crystalline Grid support the rivers and streams
That lead to Great Lakes and the Pulsing Ocean.

May the Mighty Element of Water
Re-member Her Way as we ride Her Waves.
Laura Bruno

I am quite sure that you all when reading these verses you will pray and thank in the same way!
Blessings to all joining here and be with their hearts with Standing Rock !

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