Prayers with Standing Rock Part 2



Prayers with Standing Rock Part 2

Back in Hystory in times of the cold war when the world was divided into the Western hemisphere and the Eastern one by the great wall and the German capitol Berlin was separatedfrom the Western World by such a wall too the US American people founded the famous “Air Bridge = Luftbrücke” in order to fly foodstuff and to save the people of Berlin from starvation and hunger.

John F. Kennedy whom all of us German people honoured and respected highly came to Berlin himelf and held his famous speech there declaring his and the American solidarity with the people of Berlin in their precarious situation.


“Ich bin ein Berliner !”


He ended his speech and from that point onward we all loved him dearly as with this declaration he said that he was one of us in participating and understanding our precarious situation.

Now, with Standing Rock history repeats itself in some similar way and as it was shown way back from the US and John F. Kennedy to back and boost our morals in Germany we, all people of good will and conscious of what are our conditionless rights of living viz. fresh, sweet water, have to be solidarious with all those protesting and trying to stop that more water has to be spoilt as it endangers our all life.

Let us share all calls-up for meditating and praying for the support of stose standing at Littl Rock especially now in the hard times of Winter!

And if you can somehow spare some funds – even small amounts – please donate it to the medicare there.

Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council
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This is channelled through Contramimi, and as Archangel I would like to speak to your hearts ! As it is with your hearts that you are all standing at the side of all protestors out there.
Let us join in prayers and meditations and ask the universe to let go of these at the right time of the 26th together with all the others or each day at 11.11 a.m/p.m.


Blessings to all which with their hearts declare they belong to the crowd out there at Standing Rock !
Blessing to all there at Standing Rock !

I am Archangel Michael and I have a deep love for all of you.


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