Prayers with Standing Rock Part 1



Prayers with Standing Rock
This is a Great Call Up – a channelled one from AA Michael – and it goes to all MANKIND here on our beautiful planet of Earth !
Each human knowing about the protest against the pipelines in the sacred land of standing Rock is called up in his/her heart to stand up with the indigenous people there.

Earth has so much deprived already of her inward treasures  because of human greed and selfservice, Most of her inward and outward resources including lifes of Man and Animal have already been sacrificed – taught by the olden 3-D-education, mankind has always stood by and never did anything against it.
Now – we are all waking up and slowly grasping the truth behind all such events. We wake up – for before our all eyes we all go through with the Drama of Standing Rock.
Water is life ! Clear Water is the most precious rockgift of our all Creator to us – and now is the point of time reached to hinder that even more rescourses of Gaia will be demolished by industrial complexes – all the more so, that it is the question of sacred plains of the native people.
Let us see, what we can do ! Let us all join in the great meditation and praying on the 26th November, 2016 and let us see whereby sharing this call-up on Facebook it will go round our globe.

Everybody reading this call-up is seriously asked to share it on the internet. facebook. twitters and etc.Up to the 26th are still 2-3 days and there is enough time to make this meditation worldwide circulating and make it a – shall I say “UPROAR” – of all of us mankind and something to a great event !
There is absolutely no need to go through complicated 3-D-calculations with Time Zones and etc. as these are old duality methods.

Just pray ! As often you feel like it and send your prayers to our all Creator and the universe where time of the 3- Dimenion is unkown – include in your prayer that the universe may send it at the certain given time of meditation on the 26th November and leave it to our godlike parents.
We all are one – so it was said to us. Let us prove it now and seize our chance of unity and solidarity with Standing Rock !


“Let us all send our deepest LOVE to Standing Rock ! We all are standing there to protect Gaia ! So that clear fresh waters may may once run through the little hands of our Grandgrandchildren.”


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