Value Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder by Steve Beckow



12.8 MW Utility Project - the World's Largest Bifacial PV Installation in Eastern US (PRNewsFoto/Sunpreme, Inc.)

Solar photovoltaic energy modules. Credit: PRNewsFoto/Sunpreme, Inc.

I find myself thinking about largescale projects these days and going over in my mind some of the situations we’ll encounter.

One that I can predict is that, if we haven’t cleansed ourselves of our personal vasanas of unworthiness, we won’t be able, to use Archangel Michael’s phrase, to dream big. We’ll be constrained by our own sense of personal guilt and inadequacy.

Let me give an example.  I said in an article I wrote at least twenty years ago that largescale projects have value because we say they do. (1) I offered the example of ICBMs, which we all at the time agreed were necessary to build for “national security.”

We had no sense that we were being manipulated by a cabal – or as we thought of it at the time, after President Eisenhower’s warning, a “military-industrial complex.”

Nonetheless only an infinitesimally-small number of ICBMs were ever fired in any but test situations.  (2) (Thank heaven!)

We invested probably billions of dollars in something that sat in the ground, gathered dust, and was, ultimately, a planet killer.

And we did it because we agreed among ourselves that doing so had value.

Therefore value is in the eyes of the beholder. Value is what we say it is.

That should give most people permission to dream big – since it’s what we say has value that’s worth building – so dream as big as you want to and can.

What do you value? What do you yearn for?

Look around your community. What’s missing? What’s out and needs repairs? What would raise the quotient of love in your locale?

If you find yourself unable to dream big, look for a vasana of unworthiness and complete it. (3)


(1) See “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 1/2” at and “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 2/2” at

(2) Yes, some were fired to start World War III and were either captured by our star family or shot down by our own secret space fleet. In terms of national security, in my opinion, we only have our own governments to fear.

(3) See Preparing for Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at

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