Office of Poofness, Nov. 20, 2016




poof 1Poof was a commentator on Earth before he transitioned, allegedly killed by the cabal. Now he comments from the other side.

No one knows the date but these fellahs have the best seats in the house.


This is the time that all of you have been waiting for; with all the I’s dotted and all the t’s crossed and all the appendages handled that have been in the way. We see nothing but glowing embers from the many trials and tribulations that have arisen in the past.

There are many new ways that can now be accessed to make forward movement. The joy of new beginnings is about to begin. You are going to be blessed and rightly so. It has been a long dry spell and a long time coming to this point. Get ready.  Its about time. All is going to finalize in a consistent timely manner.

Make an effort to walk this world as a responsible universal human being, one who recognizes the necessity of being a caring, compassionate individual. The difference between rescuing and supporting is delicate but very key to outcomes.

The Bible says that if you give a man a fish, he will eat today, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever…P



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