Do Unto Others…


It is only in the giving that we may receive.  The universe is in constant motion and if we want to experience balance, we must be the balance.   If we want to increase love, we must be the love.   If we want to improve the world, we must improve ourselves.

We are Hue-manity.   While there are many extraterrestrial, angelic and spiritual helpers, the cannot do for us what we do not do for ourselves.  Don’t look to others to make the earth and our lives better.  Look to yourselves.  The helpers will be there to support us, but we must do the work in our own lives.  Judge no one else.  Do not criticise others, for they are but a mirror into your own self.    In every moment of your life ask what can I do now to be caring, loving, nurturing, blessing to others.   Don’t talk about it.  Do it.  Live it.  We are the change, we are the hope, we alone can make it real in our lives, our minds and our spirits.   Only when we embrace that change can “the others” step in to aid us.  Do not focus on the “perception” of turmoil in our world.  Focus on the goodness and love and be that goodness and love.  Real change does not start with politicians or governments or “movements” or religions.

Many have heard or read the English “translated” biblical words of Jesus (Yeshua ben Josef).  “I am the way, the truth and the life, whoever believes in me shall not die.”   But what was translated was not what he said.   In English, the closest words we can write would be more like:  “I am the way, the truth and the life.  Whoever becomes as I am, shall know true life.”  In other words he did not say we must believe in him but that we must become as he IS, we must emulate that divine essence that was within him.   That means, living love, living compassion, living hope, living forgiveness, living joy.   Yeshua was a wayshower.  Not the first and not the last.  But now is the time when we must all become wayshowers.  We must all live the goodness, the love that we desire.   Let go of the blame, the judgement, the name calling, the politics, the dependence on others.  LIVE NOW that which you wish to see in the world.   Live it and the this world will become it.  Then and only then will our universal brothers and sisters be able to help us make it happen.   It begins with us.  You and me.   If we don’t live it, then it will not come to pass.  There is so much divine and universal support for us, but we must be the instruments of manifestation.

You, yes YOU, all of YOU are the way, the truth and the life.   Let your light, your love, shine.  Because if you don’t, then no one else can do it for you.  It begins now with us.  Choose!


Addendum:  Through all the years and all the ages there have always been masters who visited our sphere of consciousness and tried to teach us how to lift ourselves up.  They did not come to save us, they came to show us how to save ourselves.    Buddha, Yeshua, Mohammed, and many, many others through the ages, in different places and and at different times have come, taught and left.   The message is always the same.  “I know who I am, and I am here to help you know who you are as a child of the divine creator.  

THE MASTERS:  Do not think of us as better then you, we are not.  We are however your family, your brothers and sisters in light.  And it is your destiny to remember.  It is your destiny to become again as you once were.  This world called earth is just a school, that you chose to experience.   But you are eternal lights and now is the time for you to remember and accept that.   Don’t expect others to change the world.  Change yourselves and the world will change with you.  Don’t like the politics?  Change yourself.  Don’t like the economics, change yourself.  Don’t like the way people act, change yourself.  Each and everyone of you is connected.   No one, despite the illusions, is greater or lesser then you.  

Change yourself and the world changes with you.  When enough of you have changed, it will be like a light coming on, and the light will spread through the material world and it will be transformed and lifted up.   Yes there are extraterrestrials, and masters and angels and so many spiritual beings ready to help you.   But they can’t change it for you.  YOU must be the change. Then and only then others may help you, and they will.  They have been waiting EONS in human terms, for this opportunity.    YOU ARE THE CHANGE!  Not the world or the people, politics, countries and governments.  YOU ARE THE CHANGE.   In fact, many of us are already here.  From the beginning we have been here, living with you and among you and every lifetime we have had to remember who we were.   And because we remember, we know you will too.   We are all together, the light of this world.  Just let your light shine!