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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You murmur to yourself. You are so often chatting with yourself. You as speaker speak your heart, and you, as friend, listen to yourself. Naturally, I also listen to your murmurings. I hear you speak to Me:

“You are a God of Love Replete. Infinite God. You are a Miracle, and You tell us that we are miracles as well, although we are as if in two pieces, the Heart and Mind.

“The heart is my favorite, God. Fill my heart.

“Believe me, God, I am in awe of the Human Mind as well. We human beings are such atour de force. It is amazing, all of it.

“We are so brave. We have no armor. We are defenseless, yet we defend. We block. We resist. We dig our feet in. We flounder for a sense of security, yet everything is moving under us. There is…

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