Rick Cohen: The Joy of Dis-Illusionment (Say What ???)




Involved or committed? Photo is not Rick.

Rick is a former podiatrist, current rebirther, firewalker, and all-around nice guy.

We spent a lot of time together at Sedona. I’m nudging him to put some of his thoughts and wisdom down in writing.

It occurred to me recently that a big part of this Ascension process involves the total release of all our human illusions.

And you know what happens when we reach that point. We become totally dis-illusioned.

Anybody out there feeling this way? More importantly, is anybody out there laughing at this tongue-in-cheek observation?

Many of us have days, if not weeks, where we feel totally out of sorts, out of balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

Well, isn’t that what dis-illusionment feels like?

Now here’s the good news: Many of our Ascended Master teachers are telling us to let go of all of our old stuff because it won’t work anymore in the higher vibrations we currently occupy.

So rejoice in this incredibly uncomfortable state of being. After all, you volunteered for this challenge called Ascension.

Own it, be it, and play in this state of ” temporary insanity.” Why not? All it takes is a little Faith and a good/GOD sense of humor.

In the wonderful and wise words of that great Spiritual Guru, Bobby Mcferrin: