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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

When you think about it, memory is a strange thing. When you remember something, how did you come to remember it? And when you don’t remember something, how is it you don’t remember? What singles memories out?

When you remember something you haven’t thought about for a long long time or, even, ever before, it seems somewhat as if your memory had spontaneously played the chord of that particular memory. First, the chord arose. First it played itself, then a memory waltzes back to you. You don’t seize memories, as it were. You don’t have a plan, yet a memory drops into your lap, as it were. The memory seizes you, and you say: “Ah, yes. There it is. I remember now.”

It may be a welcome memory, or it may be a memory you don’t want to remember. Why should you want it? And, if a memory…

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