Each beginning always entails a foregoing end – the cosmic messenger pigeon

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

alpha-and-omega<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

A new beginning always is also the end of a foregoing process, which was concluded before, and this concluded process will never come back as the soul knows only one thing, which is growing. The soul knows the path but does not know all details, which the soul will get aware of since it wants to grow, while experiencing the actual process. If the soul knew everything, it could never grow but only experience and integrate it. But to integrate only does not suffice the soul as it wants more.

When a soul decides to incarnate on earth it has rather a big choice of possibilities to get aware of which path of learning and experiencing it will choose. Experience may turn out in a manifold or very simple way. Each soul decides what kind of experience it is to go through so…

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