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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What, for God’s sake, has convinced you that you are the judge and jury of Life? Live your life, yet it isn’t for you to be a holy critic of Life. What if you would be a Good Citizen of Life and be amiable with yourself and Life? Let Life make its twists and turns. There is more to Life in the World than your correcting of it.

Here is what I have been hearing from your heart and mind:

“Thank You, God, for this experiment — these Waves of Life as they apply to me. These waves are not mine. They pass by me. They are Infinite, these Moments in Time that sometimes may seem to trespass against me. It seems that my regard for Life is made of Habits of Thought.

“Sometimes I hesitate to accept Life. I measure it instead. I do not really see…

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