Galactic Connection 11-15-16… “Alexandra Delivers an Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator” [VIDEO]

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alexandra_meadors_headshot_c_3An important message from the “Prime” (not “sub-prime”) Creator. Use one’s discernment. Sounds great, no matter what.


Alexandra Delivers an Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator

The text of the message is as follows:

To Alexandra
1) The dismantling and release of various matrices has finally occurred as follows:
(a) The Mind Matrix of: Control, Conquering and Defeat, Death and Destruction, Polarity, Duality
(b) The Mind Matrix of Consciousness, Subconsciousness, the Known and Unknown Minds of consciousness, dream state, innate consciousness. They are being removed with all things with a consciousness.
(c) The 3d and 4D Matrix Systems of all things known and unknown.
(d) The Matrix of Mother Earth and Her assets and resources.
(e) The Matrix of Meridians, Vortices, Power Sources, Longitude and Latitude Grids
(f) The release and dismantling of these systems are also being released from all physical shells that are connected…

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