Over the Bridge to Now

Sedona 321Linda Dillon’s Bridge to Now gathering is over and already I’m having separation anxieties.

It was a spiritually-intimate experience.

I believe I mentioned that it’s my policy not to discuss the experiences of others, lest I skew a gathering which, to be effective, needs privacy. So I only discuss my own experience here.

As so many people reported, it was wonderful to be around 50 or so people among whom you could talk freely and use words like “dimension” and “ascension.” It felt like home.

I took a poll at one point and most other people there were also having memory issues. It made for some pretty funny conversations (“What were you just saying? … What was I just saying?”).

One highpoint for me was the heart connection exercise. In past years I’ve gone into bliss doing it. Both people put two fingers on the other person’s heart, engage eye contact and then each gives the other a spiritual “gift.”  Do that ten times or so and you begin to generate and experience energy. OK, you begin to get pretty tipsy.

Another highpoint was when Jesus through Linda opened up his talk for questions. I asked a question about vasanas (or core issues), which I’ll get to in a moment. Why would asking Jesus a question be a highpoint for me when I do that all the time on An Hour with an Angel?

This was in the company of 50 other people. It was live, before a live audience, so to speak. It felt more invigorating to be chatting with Jesus in that setting, with all of us there. All 50 of us were having a chat with Jesus. That’s pretty special when you think about it.

And we had a very engaging chat about vasanas.

He had asked us to give our burden to him. And I asked him if this was an offer of taking our burden or was it a signal that the time had come when we wouldn’t need to be constantly processing our vasanas. He said yes to the latter. That again seems to be another suggestion that we’ve passed a milestone on the journey to Ascension.

A second indication may be the emphasis from some masters or celestials on play, taking time out to have fun, etc.  It sounds like we may be over the hump in the process of cleansing.

We’ve known for years that we would not process all our core issues before Ascension and that whatever we did not process would be lifted from us. We may have reached that time.

Jesus did however remind us that many millions of people on the planet are not even remotely through their core issues so what we learned will be put to use in working with other people.

The energies have risen enough that we’re reaching a frequency where we’ll soon be finished that part of the human journey where karma applies. If the law of karma does apply at all, the adjustment it calls for, I recall SaLuSa saying, is much simpler and easier in a higher dimension.

My hat’s off to Linda. (1) She’s a consummate workshop leader. This is her last gathering and I’m certainly going to miss them.

After Linda’s Lake Tahoe gathering last year, Kathleen and I went on the “Westcoast Express.” That’s one of the happiest memories of my life. Some of the people we met then were at this present gathering.

I’ll miss these events.

I met some wonderful people, was given several kinds of healings (and feel great), and am coming away loaded down with crystals and flower essences and T-shirts. I feel thoroughly rewarded from every angle. I also met many future colleagues and partners in humanitarian philanthropy.

Oh, and I gave a talk. The last time before that that I gave a talk was at the 2012 Scenario Conference, also in Sedona – in 2012. One talk every four years.  Not quite plenty of practice.

I was pleased at the differences between that presentation and this. I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt in command of my subject and at ease with it. I was able to add pieces to it right up to the time of the talk and even add pieces in the middle of the talk. That tells me that I’m able to be relaxed, which is such important information for a speaker.

You recall I posted John Enright’s articles on how to read an audience’s cues? (2) One audience member yawned and I immediately began checking my grounding, just as John said. I had to laugh at how fast I reacted.

There are no major vasanas going off. There are lesser vasanas going off however. I’m not through the process altogether yet. I enjoy sourcing my vasanas and it’s very educational doing so. I learn about the way the mind an the emotions work. So I won’t simply stop because of Jesus’ announcement.

But then I may not need to. If we’ve entered a frequency and energy that supports the release of our remaining karma, then I can simply turn them over to Jesus.


(1) And her partner Isaac. And her team of volunteers!

(2) “John Enright: How to Read a Live Audience’s Cues” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/10/26/john-enright-read-live-audiences-cues-2/

Shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-6ep