“What Am I Waiting for, God?” | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I hear you. I hear you say:

“Beloved God, how tense I am. Please help me to calm down. I am wound tight like a clock. I alarm myself with my intensity. If only I could let go. What do I think I am doing? And for what? It isn’t that I have to hold onto this that is called Life forever, yet I do not have to spend my Life in some kind of panic that I don’t even know why I have it or what it’s about. Unwind me, dear God. Let me be with You, and be a staunch supporter for You and the Kingdom of Heaven that You spread before us.

“I scatter my gift of love from You and replace it with a huge panic. Well, God, this is a far cry from what I ask of myself and of what You ask…

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