For Those Who Are Shocked …

Laura Bruno's Blog

UPDATE: Whoa, now I’m a little shocked, or at least spooked. There must be something in this post that the PTB really don’t want out there. I’ve just been erased by all major search engines except Google. Normally, if I search Laura Bruno, my blog comes up first, and now, I cannot find a link to my blog even typing in “Laura Bruno blog,” “Laura Bruno Medical Intuitive” or “Laura Bruno Life Coach.” Make of that what you will, but although my videos about consciousness were censored on youtube, I’ve never been erased before. Somewhere in here, there’s a golden nugget of liberation. will also get you to this site, but you might want to bookmark for ease of finding it.

Here’s the original post:

I’ve had a flurry of texts and emails from people who are “shocked” by the results of last night’s election. I am…

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