Jaspal: On El Morya as Akbar




Akbar the Great. Credit: ThingLink

I continue to invite lightworkers to write wherever I hear a clear and cogent voice.

I asked Jaspal if I could post her recent email to me.  She’s allowed me and I happily post it below.

A few days ago, Ruth wrote such a clear email that I invited her to turn it into an article. She turned it into a small book instead. Well, that’s better!

So I extend the invitation again, to lightworkers to start expressing themselves, sharing their truth, giving their account of life from their own standpoint. Time to share. Time to be heard.

Thank you, Jaspal.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the response and interest you have shown to my letter. Although I haven’t written to you for a while, I have definitely been following both AHWAA and Heavenly Blessings. :)

Thank you for the compliment on my writing as well. :)

As for my writing especially after this particular show with El Morya, there was a reason behind it. I have been personally exploring the topic of ‘Will and Love’ and their inter-relationship as a part of my spiritual explorations. El Morya’s mention of his incarnation as Akbar just synchronistically added a dimension to it that I could not ignore.

According to me, in order to fully understand Love (Source/ Creator) and its Actions (Will), Integrity (Dharma) has to be taken into account. Without integrity, the action of love (Will) becomes much like the world humanity has built up til now.

Spirituality may be ‘religiously’ practiced within its churches and temples. However there may be no true idea (Truth) of what ‘Spirit’ is all about!

And it’s the contradiction of ‘What is being expressed within (as intent) as to what is being expressed on the outside’ which has caused the imbalance within individuals and human societies in general. It creates a situation of duality/ polarity between the Self and Life.

In creating a Nova Being or a Nova Earth, it’s imperative to look more closely at the cause of duality/polarity and its effect up til now on our societies and individuals. This ‘looking at’ creates an opening for a resolution of the problem, once and for all.

In a world where the expression of Life (Societies) through Self (Individual) is balanced, harmonious and peaceful, it’s important that the two are in perfect alignment with each other. In such a case ‘life and living’ become meaning-ful to the Self rather than the meaningless existence of the materialistic world we find ourselves living in today.

What happens when the two are not in alignment? In a scenario where ‘Life overshadows the Self,’ there is a creation of a victim consciousness projected outwards towards life. And when ‘the self over-shadows life’ there is a creation of a desire for autocracy.

On the one hand is power given up through victim/fear consciousness and on the other hand is the desire is to gain control over that which controls the self.

The incarnation of El Morya as Akbar in India revolved around these issues in a most profound manner. I could share with you the historical events surrounding those times in more detail, if you feel the desire to explore it further.

Also, it is regarding this particular time period when there was a supposed ‘clash between two cultures’ that I further seek enlightenment from El Morya. I seek to find out what he has gained from that particular incarnation of his specifically.

To sum up this letter, I felt deeply that it was no co-incidence for him to mention this particular incarnation along with his other ones. We could definitely use his valuable insights at this juncture of our collective ascension.


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