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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Nature does not see problems. Leaves and flowers and trees and fertile fields come into bloom. If there should be a frost, nature knows that leaves and flowers and trees and all desires will reach up again. Tell Me, what does nature have on its mind? What on Earth does Nature worry about, I ask you?

Nature does not congregate and call a meeting about what to do concerning frosts or too hot heat waves! Nature doesn’t think that way. Nature doesn’t make lists of what to watch out for.

Nature flourishes, and this is the Story of Nature. Nature says strongly: “This is just fine. Tangles work their own way out.”

Nature does not call a board meeting. Nature doesn’t print out a newspaper saying: “Tut, tut. What problems there are. We must advertise them and make sure that everyone is in on the news and upset…

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