Good Advice for the last Lap of Ascension

This is a channelled message from Archangel Michael for all the lightworkers, starseed and those fully awake.

yes you are now on the last lap of your journey better said on that race ! Odd feelings will be sometimes in you but keep in mind that this is some pioneer piece that you are going through.and never ever has this been made before and we your brothers of the stars are very proud of you ! Such a bravery !

And as Hilarion has already said this week, try to sray calm and grounded in mother Gaias heartcore. All of you try to imagine yourselves as lightbeams and Watchtowers on the coasts of your souls – beaming all your lovelight and love all over the world and into the universe! Imagine you are my COASTFIRES the coastfires of AAMichael. Light is = Love and Consciousness is also truth and all belong to life in higher dimensions!

And I will tell you some other secret how you remain steadfast in light and love. When you are on one of those days being one degree under there is one remedy you can take : ” Go to your ever loving Father God as he once made us all in his image – go there for his loving embrace and pepping up your low-gone wits and raise good humors. Feel your heart on his and refresh all yourself in his outstreaming love and light. And being in his embrace you and God make your both light and love spread to Mother Gaia and all over the Globe – you with the ever-flowing love – unconditional of God at streaming out from your both embrace – will give you too happiness and share with him eternal unconditional love !

Observe yourselves intensively and foremost observe your thoughts and if you feel a slightest bit of lower vibes, well there is always God near you with his loving embrace ! Give him a try – he is waiting for you !

Farewell and go in peace I love you!

Archangel Michael





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