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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

An image appears to Me of My Children climbing through the Transom of Life. Another way to say this is that it may be that you enter Life less directly than is necessary. You may object to clear sailing. You may choose hard going or a roundabout way. You may row in Life obtusely. You row furiously, We could say.

You may have put on the apron of one who pounds an anvil when all you need is to smile and gather Life to you as, some day, you might gather your beloved grandchildren around you.

Has Life been irksome and difficult for you?

I ask you squarely: Must your life be like this? Must you be a penitent? Must you dig deep ditches? Could you not favor your True Self more?

You could declare today a holiday. You could choose to lead a favored life. You could…

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