Your Inner World ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

It will always serve you well to look within yourselves, not just on a daily basis, but on a regular basis throughout your day. There are so many distractions around you. There is so much that is vying for your attention, especially at this time. So your internal world has to get more interesting in order to keep up with all that is available to you. And guess what? It has.

You have more access points within you to other dimensions, to other beings, and to other realities than you have ever had before. This is the lifetime where you are making your shift in consciousness, and your inner reality is reflecting that to you. So checking in with yourself internally will not only alert you to what you are feeling…

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