Heavenletter #5093 Published on: November 4, 2014


How You Dance

God said:

You are the sweet holding of My heart. I carry you in My heart. We can say that you are My heartthrob. You are certainly the One I love. I love you with all My heart. This is another way of saying that you are My joy. When you are in tears or away from tears, you are My joy. On land or on sea, you are My joy. You are joy to My heart, and I thank you for the joy you give Me and that I derive from you. I know only joy from you. Would that you would know only joy from Me. Why not, beloveds? Why not?

What can possibly keep you who are so dear to Me away from the full joy of My heart? It can only come from your lack of belief in yourself and your doubt in Me. It is as if you and I are on a see-saw, and you go up and down, and your awareness of Me goes up and down as well.

We are in life, you and I, for the long haul. Our Oneness is Eternal and has always been a constant. Our Oneness is not hit or miss as you may have thought and experienced. What you may have thought is an impossibility. This idea cannot be. We are One Infallible One. That’s it.

I do not deliberate what will be between Us or what will happen with you. I do not pounce on My children one by one and give penalties or bonuses. I would not and cannot. I love all, every which One of you. We do not dance solos.

It is more like a square dance that We are moving in. Everyone is in place. I never think: “Oh, let’s trip up this child of Mine today. Let’s award him tomorrow”, and so on. It is not like that at all. I bless and bless and bless. I bless all, even as there is One.

Each of My children dances as best he or she knows. We embrace eternally. We can say that the world has its own fall-out. It’s not that it’s chance where you are and when and what occurs, nor is it all destiny unless We call your destiny how you dance.

There is the sense in which you are the caller of the square dance. You conduct the steps and the tempo and the music. And, yes, it can all change and it can all stay unchanged, sort of the way words echo in the air. They are heard, and they are heard still. We speak of a dream called life on Earth, and it is your imagination that drives the dream. Life plays out as it plays out. How it plays out may seem dire or wonderful. Take some credit. Take some responsibility and call it not blame. Perhaps you started this particular dance with your foot up. Your foot was poised in the air. Your whole body was in position, and you could only go forward from that particular position even when it might mean you fall down. Of course, when you fall down, then you get up.

Life on Earth has an ending, even as there really is no down or up to fall down to or get up from. It is all a mirage, a mighty mirage. You are enrapt in this mirage. It envelops you. It lifts you up, or it drags you down. All the while it is a little act on stage. You enter into it. You know you are an actor on the stage performing a certain role. No matter what may have transpired, you bounce back for your curtain call. Bow and enjoy the applause.

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You make me dizzy miss Gloria ……….

“……and you do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself around, and that’s what it’s all about…….”
From love to love ….my hear-t, Lisa ….


How you Dance

This feels so True. It is Perfect!! I was told” You ARE the Dream and You ARE the Dreamer” And being one with God/ Love, We are Gods Presence and I was told about that too, ” Being Gods Presence is not a Part-time job, It IS a Full time Position” ” Where attention goes Energy Flows”. It takes a dedication to ” first seek the Kingdom of Heaven, and ALL else shall be added onto you” It takes Focus and I am in and out of it too, just like you. Bless you Gloria Beloved Self. Pretending to be Alan.


Your whole body was in

Your whole body was in position, and you could only go forward from that particular position even when it might mean you fall down. Of course, when you fall down, then you get up.

very good, most integral moving, it reonates with me.

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