We can´t escape it ……


Consciously building Credit: Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage

For years now, we’ve been shedding our constructed selves and baring ourselves in transparency.

And yet what’s becoming clear to me now is that we’ll always have a constructed self.  We can’t escape it.

We have to construct a self to participate with others in society. It goes along with being human. Communicating, trading with each other, keeping records – all happen between two or more acculturated, conditioned or constructed selves.

We have to have a constructed self to play a specified social role. A pilot goes to aeronautical school to fly a jet. He establishes a constructed self along very definite lines. An orchestra conductor, a surgeon, an army general all have very specific constructed selves.

And so will we when we take up our roles in building Nova Earth: Project manager, musician, benefits manager, restaurateur, space explorer.

We’ve been shedding our old constructed selves for some time now. They never worked anyways. And now we’re fashioning new ones, more in keeping with our newer purposes and commitments.

If you want my quality-control checklist on constructed selves, it’d be:

(1) That we’re conscious of our constructed self,
(2) That we’re happy with it,
(3) That we have charge of it rather than it having charge of us, and
(4) That it aligns with the Divine Purpose.

I’d assert that living from such a consciously-constructed character would align with what Buddhists might call dharmic living.

Pretty soon in the future, I predict that people will be in intimate relationship with us only because they want to, never again because they have to. That new freedom to choose will cause a social revolution, I think.

A resurrection of my old, Third-Dimensional constructed self would make my life seem like jailtime after what I’ve experienced. I’d only go back in kicking and screaming, “No, I won’t do jailtime any more.”

Mind you, to talk about any or all of this right now sounds very mechanical. If we read it a year from now, it may sound positively stilted. There’ll be a common lingo by then for what we discuss here in stumbling, formal terms.

But this is the first time I’ve been through this particular maze. I’ve never thought about creating a new world before. Come to think about it, how does one think about it?

I predict that the higher up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness we go – from Third to Fourth to Fifth Dimension – the easier it’ll be to alter our constructed selves, change them, perfect them, and come out from behind them.


Subsea seraph in The Abyss

Flow and fluidity are the paradigms of the Fifth Dimension; love and bliss are its constant fare. Our lives will be blissfully fluid, I think. If you want an image, it may be like the subsea seraphs in The Abyss. Our forms will be physical but our inner experience will be blissfully exquisite.

I can see the day when the whole world awakens to the fact that life does not have to be drudgery for any of us. With an awakened heart, as I think we’ll have by then, we’ll put an early end to the need for anyone to be in want or servitude of any kind.  NESARA, free-energy devices, and the replicator will play the major role in releasing everyone from toil. (1)

I once asked Michael if I could have one of the early replicators and he said no, they were going first to the scientific/technological community … for replication … and second to the poor who really need them.

Every major step in our international outreach will require cultural sensitivity on our parts in its envisioning and enactment, application and follow-through. The supreme challenge will be to make the solution fit the circumstance, as locally defined.

For the lightworker donors and their recipients, these will be major transformational undertakings we’ll be involved with, from beginning to end, not all of them pleasant but all of them personally expanding and globally healing.


(1) And, yes, I know people are wondering who will pick up the garbage. I don’t know but I feel certain that the planners have thought of this.

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