So You Want to Change the World?

Money 22Entry Submitted Anonymously to Dinar Chronicles, October 31, 2016

You’re about to do your big exchange and you couldn’t be more pumped. Your whole life is about to change. The whole world is about to change. You’re riding the wave all the way and it’s pure pleasure.

Hold up there, friend. Before you get too excited, let’s review a few basics.

1. A fool and their money are soon parted. Yes, we are here to change the world, but remember — we have yet to begin that work. That work is far from complete. Snake-oil salesmen and scam artists still abound. Do not make the mistake thinking that since you’re rich and on cloud 9 that the world is already perfect and nobody will try to take advantage of you. You may have a quadrillion dollars, but you’re not invincible, and you don’t want to fund negative efforts (disguised as positive ones). You don’t want to give the rest of the Chosen Ones that much more hill to climb.

2. Educate yourselves about the ways of the world, especially if you want to change it. This doesn’t mean you need to agree with how it’s run, but it behooves us all to increase our education. A lot of this will come with the package of being in the Chosen One position.

Once you exchange, you will be on a roller coaster ride with education slamming into your face like a hurricane — everything from living the lifestyle of the rich and not-famous to learning how to network and manage huge groups of people across the world to learning how to communicate your vision on a daily basis to the directors of operations who make it all happen for you. You are now in the position to fund the development of a new world, so get ready to learn how the world works.

3. Why and how are jobs created? The why is pretty basic, right? Jobs are created when there is a need to have work performed and when there is an adequate availability of resources (in this case cold, hard cash) with which to compensate the performance of that work. The how isn’t that difficult, either. You can find an organization already doing the work and inject a new revenue stream into their operation, allowing it to expand, thus requiring additional hands (jobs created).

Or you can hire business planners and managers to startup an organization of your own. Or both. You don’t need a degree in business planning or management to own a business. It helps to know how business works, but its not strictly necessary if you can pay people to exercise that expertise for you. What you DO need, though, is a vision AND the ability to articulate that vision to the people making it happen for you. Help them help you help the world.

4. What kind of work do you need done? That’s easy — you need all the work done necessary to accomplish your goals.

5. What are your goals? Well, that’s pretty personal. We each have our own visions of a better world but it’s safe to say there’s probably quite a bit of goal overlap ready to serve as grounds for us working together. Know your goals. Write them down. Make a list of them. See if you can think of 20 things you want to accomplish. Let them be big and general and you don’t have to go into detail at this point about how you want to accomplish them.

This list is what you’re going to want to articulate to the professionals at your exchange negotiation. They don’t need to know every organization or effort you want to fund, but they do need to get an idea of what your vision is — and that is best represented by a list of goals you want to accomplish.

The reason it’s not top-priority to articulate the “how” of getting the goals accomplished is because there are undoubtedly thousands of professionals with very specialized knowledge that are more qualified than you that you can pay to figure out how to accomplish it. The bankers know that. They will, however, expect you to be the unwavering heart that holds the vision to direct all of those magnificent professionals. This is what they want to see in you.

Show some passion. Show some excitement. All that stuff you’ve been complaining about all these years? Yeah, you’re about to change it. Be happy. Or at least be ready to learn how to be happy again, if your soul has been crushed by the spiritual war we’ve all been caught up in. In that case, at least show hope.

6. Job creation is pretty important. It will take an unprecedented amount of work to get this world back into shape and build the future our children deserve. That said, job creation doesn’t need to be the final word when it comes to your goals. I’m sure you can think of some magical-seeming technologies that would drastically increase quality of life, peace, and harmony with the planet and at the same time would obliterate entire industries because they would be no longer necessary.

These technologies deserve maximum funding and deserve to be pursued and developed with gusto. Don’t let the idea of a need for jobs limit your ability to come up with GOOD IDEAS that may actually destroy jobs. In the long-term Peace, Abundance, and Freedom are the ultimate goals, not jobs. Hopefully your exchange professionals understand this bigger picture, but if they do not, it is your mantle as a light worker to enlighten them.

7. You are going to change the world. The nature of this work is such that it’s never been done before. You are having a new experience. While you change the world, the world will be changing you. Be ready for your vision to shift and expand to reflect the shifting and expansion of your soul. Be ready to continue to articulate that vision as it changes to all of the lovely people assisting you to accomplish it.

8. Be ready to listen. This kind of goes back to number 2. Education. People are going to have ideas for you that you need to be ready to consider. And they might come from the most unexpected or unlikely sources. Be ready for inspiration absolutely anywhere. Let the world reach out to you and consider its offerings with grace and fortitude.

9. Now that you don’t have to slog away at a day job anymore, it may be tempting to hole up in your house for a while. You are encouraged to stay out in the world. Keep your ears and eyes open. Stay connected and broaden your connections with people. Practice interpersonal compassion, not just global monetary compassion. We are creating and entering an age of compassion exploration, so let’s explore. Let’s be intrepid compassionauts seeing out spiritual social worlds heretofore unknown.

Be a blessing along your sacred path. We are blades of grass with nerves of steel. We are Open eyes and Smiling mouth.