Introduction From the Vegans and Lyrans – Elemental Grace Alliance

Elemental Grace Alliance

05 – Introduction – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – Vegans and Lyrans – Myra – 30th, May, 2015.


“Beloved Council, I Am the Voice of Lyra and although I Am not one of the Direct Speakers for Vega I can and will Represent The Lyran and Vegan Constellations for Our Parts within this Proposal. I Am Myra of the Lyran Galactic Council for Human Creation and Affairs. Should the need arise I have many around Me Whom I can call upon for any detailed information required throughout these Discourses.

“In My introductory Address I will speak of Lyra but please understand that there are many independent Vegan influences individualized from Ours. However, for the purpose of this initial contact, Lyra will mean both as a Unified Consciousness within the confluence of two individualized influences within the overall history and seeding of humanity upon Planet Earth.

“I Am Honoured to…

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