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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Dear Human Beings, I am well aware of all the fears that get caught in your craw. Let Me ask you some questions about the myriad of worry-worry that fills your life.

Do you believe you contribute to holding the Universe high? Do you believe in your Divine Will? Do you believe in Me as your Source and Resource?

And I will answer as well:

We can say that all this Life on Earth is a mixed bag, yet, relatively speaking, all is true depending upon the angle you look from. With fear, you are always looking at the world in the darkness of night. You are sure that something dreadful will pop out from the night and say, “Boo.”

Now I ask another question of you: If you had no fears, could there be worries?

I will answer you as well: Don’t be absurd. Of course not…

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