A Master Painting of Love | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You are all set again. Something great is opening up. Yes, the whole world is opening up. You may feel this as New Energy, New Bursts of Energy, a New Feeling, a Feeling Newly Abundant for you.

This New Feeling is a growing sense of Oneness. The world is having a New Unveiling of itself, as it were. If life on Earth is a play, which, of course, it is, this is a New Rendition of Life on Earth that you are eager to enter into.

This is a new SPECTACULAR Presentation. This resurgence can be compared to black and white movies becoming TECHNICOLOR. Overnight, it seems.

Yes, you are creating a Master Painting of Love which correlates to peace. We are welcoming Peace to Earth and Good Will.

There are gradations of Peace in the World. Peace isn’t new. Everyone knows the feeling of peace. In Truth…

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