The True Nature Of Consciousness – From Christ Returns Letters

Elemental Grace Alliance


Christ Speaks:-

I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT THE TRUE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS – of the difference between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, Divine Consciousness, and human consciousness. You truly need to understand these differences to enable you to live spiritually pro-active lives within your world… Which is what I have come to help you do.

CONSCIOUSNESS Transcendent and human consciousness!

Consciousness is now a word used widely, even lightly, but is not fully understood by many dear seekers of Truth.

You have drawn your being from Universal Consciousness split into Divine Consciousness at the time of the Big Bang. (See Letter 5)

This is the perfect Consciousness of Loving Intelligence and Intelligent Love. IT is IMPULSES. These IMPULSES are the very basic energy, the MAINSPRING of all existence. This Consciousness is indeed within you, surrounds you, transcends you and can lift you in ever higher strata of spiritual ecstasy and ephemeral…

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