Archangel Michael on the Purpose of the Reval and Our Future – Part 3/5




Michael 2211

In my reading with him on Oct. 11, 2016, Archangel Michael discussed at length many subjects related to the Reval.

In this third excerpt – at my request – he goes into more detail on the purpose of the Reval, future hydration, structured payouts, etc.

It’s confronting to post some of his comments, below, but he indicated that he wants me to.

Thanks to Linda for our reading and to Dana for our transcript. Any italics in the text are mine. Copyright Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, Inc., 2016.

Steve Beckow: Is it correct to say that another facet of the Reval is to give us the practice needed to bring us up to speed to treat (1) with the galactics?

AAM: No, not really. Is that a side benefit? Yes, but that is not the intention.

The galactics have been prepared for this undertaking for a very long time and everything has been put in place for that type of what you are thinking of as treating, for a very long time.

So the ease with which that type of commerce, and we use that in a very generic way, (2) will come to pass, will be actually quite easy.

The purpose of this type of restructuring is [three]fold. (A) For humans to remember their spiritual currency, (B) for humans to begin to have some concrete wherewithal to begin the healing, not only of Gaia (because Gaia is very capable of tending to herself) [but also of the wounds of extended war] and (C) for humans to begin to act like the brilliant angels, masters, and intergalactics that they truly are. [My numbers and italics.]

And if you think that you’ve had periods of peace upon this planet, what I am suggesting to you is that you haven’t seen anything yet.

So that is truly the purpose of any reorganization of your financial or societal or political systems. So it isn’t as a testing ground or a proving ground for your work with the galactics. That is already in order.

Steve:  Is the Reval for the Michelangelo Fund only to get a hand in the game? That is, once the Michelangelo Fund is set up, does it become a pipeline, with flow, so that the initial hydration is not the most important thing?

I’m not going to go with the structured payout (3) but the thought does come up from time to time, “Oh you’d have much more money if you went with the structured payout.”

AAM: Let us expand on this as well.

One of the things that we have recommended for you, and it is not that we have a grudge or a – well, we do have a preference, but nevertheless – about the structured payouts is, yes, as you have put it, hydration.

But it is also about trusting – trusting in the flow.

Now I would like to suggest to you, and this is not only for you. This is for many who will find themselves in a similar position. (4)

How can you possibly have billions and zillions of dollars and be worried about money? It is beyond absurdity!

Also note that what you are being taught – and there are lessons in this – is not only how to create, to remember how to create and how to co-create money and that is why I always bring you back, my brother, to spiritual currency.

Money is useful, obviously, but it is also an illusion. It has been a construct that has been formulated by those who believed in the abuse of power, control and false authority; to control populations.

As you are learning to create and co-create – remembering how to create and co-create – what you are doing is moving beyond money. Because that [i.e., creation] is truly the way in which masterful beings – let us put it that way – bring about change on every level, including the material.

So is it important that humans – because this is what they’re used to working with – have currency to create this healing of the human race and, yes, of soil and water  – but that is because they have sullied it as well – and give Gaia a chance to breathe again.

And are you moving past this fantasy that there is lack and limitation in the universe and upon your planet when it is already being demonstrated that there is such abundant wealth in the tangible meaning of the word and the intangible meaning of the word? The answer is yes.

So when you say: Will I be a pipeline? The answer is yes.

Do we want you involved in the nitty-gritty day-to-day? The answer continues to be no.

Steve Beckow: I also don’t want to be involved in the nitty-gritty everyday, Lord. We’re perfectly agreed there.

(Continued in Part 4.)


(1) Diplomatically exchange. Arrive at agreements, as in, but not exclusive to, treaties, charters, conventions, etc.

(2) Commerce, at its most generic, means any kind of regular exchange or communication.

(3) As a journalist, who needs to be unencumbered, I don’t want to sign anyone’s NDA. I also don’t want my funds to be controlled by anyone else.

(4) This passage suggested to me that he wanted this advice publicized.