The Comforting Safety of the Mother’s Embrace, October 17, 2016 October 23, 2016 by Steve Beckow


Mother Mary 3

The Comforting Safety of the Mother’s Embrace

Universal Mother Mar


y, Saturday Conference Call, 10-15-16

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of love, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of all. (1) Welcome my beloved ones, children all.

And I do not use that term in any way to diminish your light. Quite the contrary…I am exuberant about your light. But I come this day to open my arms and to gather you to me…to my heart, to my shoulder, to my lap, to my being. Oh, do not think sweet angel…I am a creator – of course I am capable of having a lap and arms and a gentle smile and even tears!

You have been completely immersed, and at times submerged, by my Tsunami of One where I have invoked all legions, all rays, all masters, all enlightened ones, all beings who serve the light, to wash in, through, and over you with all rays, all energies of totality, of wholeness and love. And has this created at moments what feels like havoc? Yes, because it has need to be cleansed.

I do not come this day and in this moment to ask you to work a little harder. I am inviting you to come and rest in my presence, in my arms, and to allow me and the Father, and all of us for that matter, to tend to you – not merely in ways of restoration or reconstitution, or even upliftment, upgrading, attunements – I am inviting you to come and rest, to receive your Mother’s comfort, your Mother’s TLC, to allow me to coddle you and to reassure you.

Yes, you are mighty and you have eagerly received and expanded the gifts I have given you of clarity and purity, of wonder and awe and grace. But that does not mean, dearest child, that there are not times when you need reassurance, when you do not need for me and the Father to take you by the hand and hold you and tell you that you are exactly where you have need to be and that you are doing exactly what you have need to be doing, and that includes time out; time to rest, time to recreate, time to play, and time to simply be in the spaciousness of us, to join and conjoin with us.

This, in its simplest terms, is the gift that we have given you of the 13th Octave. It is your ability to come home…without dying…for we have no desire to end your life prematurely. Quite the contrary, if anything we are extending them. But that does not mean that you can’t fully utilize and use and refresh by coming home and resting and being with us and allowing us to restore, renew, refill, and simply ‘hang out’! That is what the 13th Octave is. And there are times when you say to us, “Mother, beam me up”, and that is what we do…we do not make you leave the planet, we simply bring you home.

But child, beloved angels…because that is where you all started…there are also times when we beckon you and this is one of those times where we wish to remind you – I as your Mother wish to remind you. Yes, we are here to co-create with you, to bring forth the fulfillment of My Plan, to bring forth the co-creation of Nova Earth…and that is all underway…but in this bevy of activity, in this busyness , please find time, make time – in my time and yours – to come and be with me.

When you come to the 13th Octave we have taught you a very easy way, to bridge your fingers tip to tip, a mudra to bring you home, with three clicks of your tongue…click…click…click…I could not make it more simple. Now we have also taught you the fourth click…click…to anchor you back on Gaia.

But I want to expand this; I want that fourth click, beloved ones, to be anchoring the energy of our unity of ‘one love’; down, down through your crown, your pituitary, your pineal, your throat, into your tri-flame, into the expansion, the love, the comfort of you…on Gaia…on Earth…right now…so that you may carry our comfort, our confidence, our support in form, within thee. And then I want you to allow that stem that extends from your tri-flame all the way to Mother Gaia…so the fourth click comes to your tri-flame and continues on, directly into the heart of Gaia. This will stabilize you.

Many of you have had a sensation of displacement, of running too fast, of losing time or organization, of feeling that you have too much on your plate, and that you are distracted and not focused and your head is spinning. What is this telling you my sweet ones, other than to stop and let me help?

You did not come, nor did I ask you to come, to run a lifelong marathon. If you wish to suit up and put on running shoes and run a marathon now and then, that is fine and that has many meanings. But you did not come to not enjoy the journey, the walk, the stroll, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the birds…yes, that blush on the child’s face…and if you are too busy running you don’t see any of it. Oh, you may feel that you have an adrenalin high…that does not sustain you.

So, come home, come home every day, come and sit with the Father and I in the quietude, the silence and the wonder of all. And then anchor on that fourth click in your heart, and then with Gaia, and then we can proceed. I am here and I am there in your heart where my love lives, eternally and infinitely within you.

You are treasured and you are loved. You are my love. You are our love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


(1) She who incarnated as Mary, Mother of Jesus, is also the Divine Mother – the Creator, Preserver, and Transformer of the universe, as she acknowledges here.