Archangel Michael on the Purpose of the Reval and Our Future – Part 1/5



Michael 23In my reading with him on Oct. 11, 2016 through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael discussed at length many subjects related to the Reval.

Some are confronting for me to post, but he did indicate that he wanted his comments circulated so I post them.

In this first excerpt, he denies that the Reval is the only occasion we’ll have to show what we can do. He restates the Divine Plan for us several times.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Any italics in the text are mine. Copyright Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, Inc., 2016.

Steve Beckow: Am I correct in thinking and saying that this time is the lightworkers’ chance to show what we can do before NESARA or Disclosure really takes the agenda away from us?

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Now let us elaborate on that because I don’t think in this instance you are looking for a one-word answer.

Steve: No. Thank you.

AAM: So you say that the agenda – and you are correct and incorrect by the way – can be taken away from you by financial re-gridding [NESARA], by institutional re-gridding, by the presence of your star family [Disclosure] or even the presence of the Masters, some of whom are popping in and out at great regularity.

The purpose of the lightworkers, the purpose in many ways – if we were to make a blanket statement [applicable to] every single person upon the planet at this time – is the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan: The rebirth, the re-anchoring, the recommitment, the reactivation of love, of co-creation, of unity consciousness upon the planet. [All italics are mine.]

That is the agenda. And the implementers, the implementation team, the ones who will bring forth and affect those changes, bring into form those changes are those upon the planet.

Now … there are many upon the planet who are either stuck, disinterested still, sitting on the fence still, or entirely recalcitrant.

Some of those recalcitrants, as we have mentioned before, are playing magnificent roles in amplifying and exhibiting what needs to be eliminated upon this planet once and for all. So even they are playing their part, shall we say.

The agenda cannot and will not be stolen or overshadowed by these other, what you think of as, [chaotic] events.

The burden, the joy, the gift, the potential of the lightworkers, loveholders, lovebearers – however you think of this, saints and sinners – the opportunity for the shift, for Ascension, for the transition, for the formulation and anchoring, the building of Nova Earth is the purpose particularly at this juncture of the lightworker community. (1)

Now, have you been – many of you – working quietly, silently, behind the scenes, undercover for a long time? The answer is yes.

Is this a time when lightworkers and loveholders will step forth and demonstrate not only their intention or their ability to hold the love, to be the love, but to demonstrate [love] in action, in form, in reconstitution of your society and all that that entails?  This is the job right now of lightworkers.

(Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 11, 2016.)

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) “At this juncture” – At another, later juncture the purpose of the lightworker community may be to reassure fears around Disclosure or model Ascension. Or new relationships or Saedor (loving) communication. In my view, financial wayshowing is just our task now.