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Rainbow Wave of Light

dreamer102216God said:

One of My refrains is: Get out of the past. Let go of the past. Slip by the past.

The past, which never existed, is not a place nor is it a time where you can really be. You can only masquerade there. Look, it is all a dream anyway. Oh, yes, very real to you, who art the Dreamer of the Dream.

What you saw, what you felt, what you said, indeed seemed to happen, yet it all only passed through your eyes. Indeed, it was as if your heart bled from that which you see as tragedy. Or, indeed, in sunny tales, you became one big shining wonder. How full your heart seems perhaps even over a seemingly small thing. How empty your heart seems over something that seemed like the hugest tragedy of all until another event entered and overturned your life in another way.

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