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Rainbow Wave of Light

poppies102116God said:

When are you in your element? There is something constructive that you like to do. You may not see that this activity has a particular meaning in your life. You don’t see it as having any future for you. Never mind. You don’t have to think at all from a profit motive. It is enough that an activity is something you like. You don’t know what will grow from a seeming nothing. This is following your heart. This is exploring life!

I have said it before, and I will say it again. You are not living for results. Or, for example, start considering that making mayonnaise, for example, is something you like to do. You just like making mayonnaise. You feel good about it. You like the ingredients you put in. You like buying them. You like making the mayonnaise, and you like the taste. You just feel…

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