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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

That which is good for you in Life is sure to be simple. There are simple pleasures that go far.

Whatever the day looks like, know that the day, this day, is beautiful. This way you can allow yourself to be surrounded with beauty all day, why not?

Energy itself is beautiful. Energy exists. Tremendous energy exists. Light is energy, and you exhibit great energy and light. Even when you feel tired, great energy and light radiate around you. We are speaking of pure energy, energy more powerful than you are able to imagine. Your energy is not less powerful than the Ocean Tide.

Beloveds, you have Soul. You are Soul. You abound in pure energy.

Even on your deathbed, you radiate Great Energy. Your body is mighty, yet your body is the least of you. You have seen the difference between a body containing Soul and a…

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