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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Have you, somewhere along the line in life, perhaps at an early age, learned that suffering comes along with the territory of Earth? That you must surrender to suffering, that one way or another, suffering will reach out for you and pin you down? Have you thought you must prepare for suffering, that you must steel yourself against suffering?

You are prepared. Ready, set, go. You stiffen against suffering. It is not so easy for you to bounce back. Perhaps you are resigned to a fate of suffering. You invent unfavorable odds and give yourself slim pickings.

My dears, getting yourself ready for suffering makes you tense. Anticipated suffering and the actual onset of suffering both make you tense. Suffering and/or fear of suffering render you pain. For this lifetime, you may been geared to wait for pain. You have been on the look-out for it. Ready and…

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