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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

I, God, ask Myself, whose thoughts do I hear? Are these your thoughts I hear rumbling through the world, such as:

“Dear God, how I seem to be surrounded with obstacles, all these dragons that hold me back, further and further and more and more. It seems I can hardly hold my own let alone move forward. I am so tired of frustration. All that You say, God – do I prevent Your Words from sinking into me? I can’t believe that life is supposed to be so thwarting. I endure, yet it all seems to be beyond my endurance.”

Dear Ones, sometimes you feel at the mercy of your thoughts, as if your thoughts, as unwanted as they may be, rule the roost, as if defeat were your middle name in capital letters. Even as you know this cannot be true, your belief in what cannot be…

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