The New Earth is appearing now within you – by Caroline Oceana Ryan

The New Earth is appearing now within you.
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Hello, Amazing One!

Whatever country you’re in right now, you’re probably asking, “Why does it feel like everything is turning upside down?”

It’s not only reports of conflict or natural disasters or oil drilling on sacred lands that are affecting us on a heart level.

For survivors of sexual abuse, the media revelations about Donald Trump’s abuse of women can be a triggering moment.

I have asked the Collective to address what is happening now, and where we can turn to for some peace of mind.

I find myself talking to my support team of guides, Angels, and higher self more and more now, to get a wee bit of clarity.

If you ever wanted to dissolve that imaginary barrier between you and your support team, now is the time!

In Love and Light, with much thanks for your presence on the Earth,

P.S. I hope you’ll join the Collective as they speak live on Soul Talk, next Thursday, October 20 at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern Time.

Soul Talk is a gathering of some of the most vibrant and cutting-edge energy workers, intuitives, thought leaders, and healers of our time.

We’ll be talking about ways to feel balanced and empowered as we go through these times of great change.

In this time, as in all times, we stand together as a Lightworker community, supporting and believing in one another, and in the Ascension we came here to experience.

Please call in with a question for the Collective, as we talk about Reclaiming and Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional Abilities.

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See you there!


Message to Lightworkers – October 13, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactics, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow Light Beings!

We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We are aware that many are feeling disconcerted or troubled by the revelations about presidential candidates in the United States.

Others are troubled by regime changes in their or other countries, or by new attacks in parts of the Middle East, or by a growing feeling of desperation that it is only a matter of time before war or a weak economy or natural disaster brings trouble that was once confined to media reports straight to one’s own door.

And there are reasons for this.

It is not only that your own Earth is experiencing some tumult, and you as Her inhabitants are feeling the rise in Her energies, and all that comes with such.

It is not only that your media outlets are finding it harder and harder to mask the real story, to present the carefully prepared announcements from the old power structure, without the truth breaking in to dispel the old forms of control.

And it is not only that your bodies and minds and spirits are lifting to unheard-of levels for human beings born to the third dimension, bringing your outlook, expectation, and ability to read energy in people and situations to where soon, no one will be able to lie to you about anything.

Yes, these are powerful shifts, and many more wait in the wings.


But there is increasingly now, the feeling upon the Earth that as NESARA continues to unfold, the energy of its unfolding, as a reality for your world in the Now moment, also unfolds.

You begin to feel increasingly that this is not only a Disclosure movement that you are part of, demanding to know “who else is out there,” but to actually feel those planets and stars that you originated from.

You are beginning to connect more telepathically, even if it is still subconscious for the most part, with those of your soul family.

And you begin to realize that you are a citizen not only of one country, but of the world, and as well, of a Universe—part of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

Certainly, those peddling the deception of the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe or other false currency trading schemes are still churning out their “channelings” and “reports,” snaring individuals with enough Truth-telling to engage their unconscious trust, then using that energy to skate in with their tales of “GCR/reval” and other fraudulent dealings.

And we would say, that if you are able to awaken to these deceptions, which have actually slowed progress toward NESARA (though they can never stop it), then you are on the road of walking with clear conscience toward the benefits and blessings of NESARA, and all its empowering provisions.

Some will still wish still to drag their feet, and to allow these deceptions by holding these currencies, which as an etheric connection to the old matrix, is a great drag on their energies and their progress as Light Beings.

Similar to those who believe a candidate who says he respects women, when clearly, he has no respect for them, these ones are lying not only to themselves, but to the Earth who cradles them, and desires to see the full Ascension of all who are willing to walk that journey.

This is a time of inner empowerment, dear friends and fellow Light Warriors.

It is not a time for following the rules in the normal sense, nor for seeking direction from an outer authority . . .




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It’s Time for NESARA!

The National Economic Security and Reformation Act

NESARA was an act passed by Congress and signed into federal law by President Bill Clinton in October 2000. But it’s never been fully enacted.

The announcement of NESARA will change the world, restoring human sovereignty. It will usher in changes that will start in the United States, then spread to all countries.

These are just a few of the changes NESARA will create:

  • Zero out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt, due to illegal banking and government activities
  • End the Federal Reserve, and abolish the IRS and all income tax
  • Create a 14% flat rate non-essential-new-items-only sales tax — food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items, such as old homes
  • Increase benefits to senior citizens
  • Cease all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide
  • Establish peace throughout the world
  • Establish new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement
  • Monitor elections and prevent illegal election activities
  • Create a new US Treasury rainbow currency backed by precious metals–gold, silver, and platinum
  • Release enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
  • Enable the release of more than 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies–including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines

Think of NESARA every day with joyful expectation, and describe to others—you can get NESARA bumper stickers here:

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For 49 years, Rama Berkowitz has been a man on a mission for We the People — a journalist, human rights activist, and truth seeker.

For the past five years, Rama and his wife Tara have broadcast weekly news programs on, giving rare, honest news updates that are one-of-a-kind.

No corporate-owned comments, no billionaires’ agenda, no government control, and no holds barred.

Rama is a potent news source, and it’s his mission to report the truth on what’s happening, in the USA and across the entire globe.

On any given day, he might get a phone call from people like Malala Yousafzai, Yoko Ono, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Bill Maher, Edward Snowden, or former Senator George Mitchell, providing him with insider news you can’t get from the major news channels.

Rama is also working every day to support the announcement of a world-changing piece of legislation that was signed into law, yet never enacted.

We’re very close to seeing this world-changing law actually happen.

It would cancel out all debt, dissolve the IRS, establish peace throughout the world, and release advanced healing technologies, among other amazing, positive changes.

Rama and Tara have spent decades working to protect the rights and freedom of others.

They have no savings, no private health insurance, drive a 30-year-old car, are retired, and live as simply as possible.

A number of us donate to Rama’s work each month, and now we’re reaching out to a wider audience to ask for help for Rama’s emergency medical bills.

He has successfully undergone surgery that was funded by this campaign — a HUGE thanks to everyone, as the surgery was not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

The surgery was made possible by the amazing generosity of our beautiful online community.

The operating room was chock full of Angels and Ascended Masters, and Rama came through the surgery beautifully, for which we are very thankful!

We now want to support Rama over the next year, during his recovery. He will need adequate nutrition and vitamin supplements to build up his strength again.

So if you’re tired of corporations, Wall Street crooks, and billionaires running our country and the world . . .

If you’re inspired by the movers and shakers of real change . . .

Please help us help our brave friend!

Thank you for giving whatever you can to support Rama’s recovery and well being! We are eternally grateful!

You’ll find the campaign at:

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Hear their amazing news updates at, Station 2, on:

Thursdays and Fridays – 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific
Saturdays – 4:30 PM Eastern / 1:30 PM Pacific

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