LoveHasWon Energy Update 10~12~16: Urgent Message From Great Spirit, Surprises Ahead

By Dima T, 10/12/2016

Greetings Beloveds!
Dima Back On With Today’s Energy Update!

We are now moving towards the Full Moon in Aries as Mother Of Creation Continues Releasing All Dreams Of True Love Coming True for the New Story ~ New Earth into the Bridge. 

David has successfully established his side of the bridge anchoring Nova Tierra Masculine; the arrival date of our next portal 11/11 will carry Completion energies kick-starting the Solstice Energies to Prepare for Great Events.

The Diamond Light Matrix Energies are Amplifying and there is a sense of levity witnessed in the Unified Field. Much Ego has been transmuted and the ones that are not able to choose love are bouncing off the Field Immediately. 

The Fear Factor is Decreasing Leaving Free Space for more jumps into 5D Love Everywhere Present and Balanced Harmonics Energies.

New Sensations are now available in the Human Experience as We Are More Able to Integrate New Codes of Highest Love Frequencies. Enjoy the New You and Get Ready for the Cleansing Energies that are Leading you Onwards Towards the Full Moon.

Rejuvenation, a Renewed sense of Purpose and Honor as well as many Love Surprises is the next octave.

Ride On Amigos!
Love You With My All
Dima ~ First Contact Ground Crew Team


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