Evolution Glass: Recycled Glass Reimagined by laurabruno

I’m super excited to announce this innovative and beautiful project that combines Earth healing with gorgeous form and function. I had the privilege of listening in on the early brainstorming stage of Evolution Glass many years ago, and I’m so pleased to see my brilliant engineer and artist friend Bill Hess taking his heartfelt and inspired vision to the next level.

I’ve known Bill and his wife, Wendy Vigdor-Hess, since my time in Seattle back in 2001-2002 and have maintained contact with them throughout our various moves ever since. I’ve witnessed them grow — their marriage, businesses, a book, community, a family — and I’m just so happy to get the word out about this next phase.

Way back when Bill first started talking about his idea to reclaim recycled glass and turn it into functional art, furniture and countertops, I recognized the amazing potential, not just for decorations, but also for changing attitudes and taking recycling up several notches. I know Bill has spent years testing for strength, refining techniques, doing private commissions and experiments, and looking for just the right combinations to bring his vision to life. He’s now teamed up with Heather Philips, a passionate recycler and earth advocate, as well as Howard Evergreen, the former Director of the Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation.

They’ve got an indiegogo campaign up now to fund their intention to save 12 tons of glass from the landfill each year! In addition to giving details about the campaign, the link below includes gifts, a sobering and educational video, as well as photos of some of Bill’s earlier creations. You won’t believe what “waste” can become in the loving hands of a creative visionary and Earth healer. Thank you, Bill, for continuing to follow your dream!


laurabruno | Oktober 14, 2016 um 1:20 pm | Tags: Art, Earth Healing, Recycling, Visionary Art | Kategorien: Reality Creation | URL: http://wp.me/pjNJT-5gK
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3 thoughts on “Evolution Glass: Recycled Glass Reimagined by laurabruno

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    Nice. We can recycle the class into more glass bottles and such. We need to find a place to recycle, and not be concerned about the cost. We need to be responsible to the land, people, planet and such. Return to the aboriginal roots, of knowing all is one, and that we need to acknowledge all things on the planet as being conscious, living, that deserve our love and respect. Ask before you take, minerals, tree’s, plants, animals, and thank them for helping you, us. And respect the No if they say that.

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