Turbine creates Water out of thin Air

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This Turbine Works 24/7 To Create Water Out Of Thin Air (With WaterSeer)


    This year the US will spend somewhere in the region of $600 billion on its military, the UK around $66 billion. All of this money poured into destruction. What would happen if these resources were instead used to create solutions to the challenges we collectively face as a planet today? The war in Syria was preceded by the worst drought in the region for 500 years and was likely the spark that ignited the fire of war. Perhaps it could have been prevented if technology like this, which literally pulls water out of thin air, had been made available to the people? Clearly the situation is more complex than this but imagine, just imagine, what we could do if we truly pooled our immense skills and resources and worked together for the common good?


    This device can pull up to 11 gallons of water from thin air