Transformative Love Is an Inside Job (Repost) October 11, 2016 by Steve Beckow

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Trans LoveThis article was written five days after having had a major heart opening.  I’ve revised and updated it.

Archangel Michael said the other day that forgiveness was a step along the path. (1)

That was certainly something I noticed in the work I did when I was off. I set out to forgive everyone in my life. But simply talking about it did nothing.

So I ran an exercise (2) which involved imagining my resentments to be arrows that were thrust into me (I actually thrust them into myself).

When I removed all the resentments, something amazing happened. I couldn’t remember anything unfortunate that had happened to me; all my issues were gone; and there was nothing and no one to forgive.

We go beyond the need to forgive when we drop all our issues and resentments.

Another example of a step along the path concerns romantic love.  The next step from romantic love is what I call transformative love.

Archangel Michael described it here:

“When we speak of love, we speak not only of romantic passion. We talk about a depth of perception and connection of balance and sincerity, of trust and the ability to expand, and latitude and permission that goes far further than what many human beings are talking about.” (3)

Of relationship love, Saul said recently: “You seek satisfaction in relationships with other humans, and while they can be deeply satisfying, they are never enough.” (4)

They are never enough for two reasons. One is that the built-in longing for God (5) will not let us rest until we attain God.

A second reason is that we primarily feel love, in my experience, by its welling up in and from our own hearts, what AAM called the wellspring or the volcano. (6)

Yes, it’s true that we experience the loving energy of someone capable of radiating it. But the experience of that is nothing in strength, potency or duration when compared with experiencing the love that finds its way up from inside.

I use the word “transformative” to indicate how the love I’m describing here sweeps away unwanted feelings like anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.

The difference between it and any other kind of love that I know is the difference between sipping a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice and sipping a glass of Kool-Aid.

There’s no substitute for experiencing it.  It cannot be conveyed to another. It cannot be wrapped up and delivered. We each have to find it and experience it for ourselves.

Without that experience, we continue along the same groove of seeking love from parents, lovers, gurus, bosses, etc.

Interestingly, transformative love contains within it every feeling I associate with love for an intimate partner, without there needing to be an intimate partner. It enhances sexuality, intimacy, fondness, the personal.

It’s also universal and cannot be limited to partners. It cannot be contained. Yet it contains within it everything else one may wish. It’s like bliss in that respect – totally satisfying unto itself; seeking nothing.

All sophisticated considerations like “everything” fade away in its presence. I’m left with a happy, equanimous Cheshire-cat smile. (7)

I use anything to trigger the loving mood. The photo of a loved one, drawing love up from my heart, simply deeply breathing since love is the very air we breathe. Once I establish contact with the love again, bliss almost always follows.

Love doesn’t like to be ignored or neglected any more than an intimate partner might. It diminishes with neglect and increases with the loving attention we pay to it. Just writing about it right now is causing me to drift into bliss.

I’m in love with love. I’m worse than bitten. I’m consumed. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the very love I feel. Last night I rolled in ecstacy on my bed, loving the love.

Once marry love and you’ll never want for anything else. That’s how it shows up for me.

I’m sure this is where we’re headed, folks. The Company of Heaven seem to be rolling out their new Spring line. Heart openings, the emergence of transformative love, for some (I imagine) Ascension and even levels of enlightenment beyond that. (8)

This is one reality I have no difficulty creating. And all of a sudden, seen from this new vantage point, I no longer feel doubt about my creative abilities; I feel curious, optimistic and satisfied.

Notwithstanding that curiosity, all I wish to create is love.


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