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Mike Quinsey’s sources recently explained:

“In view of present world conditions some see major changes as impossible, but it should be stressed that those of the Light that guide Humanity are very powerful Beings. They can change the vibrations of Earth so that all weapons of war cannot operate. So peace can be enforced….

“When war and the equipment for war become [obsolete], peace and happiness can soon return to Earth. So much more good work can be done when people feel safe and out of harm’s way.” (1)

I certainly spend time wondering how the galactics will assist us in causing the disappearance of such widespread conditions as hunger, poverty, illness, etc. Mike addressed that:

“Many wonder how the impending changes can be introduced without causing confusion. The answer is that planning for this time has been meticulously carried out, and subject to changes if new conditions present themselves. Backing up the plan are immense numbers of advanced Beings who will reveal themselves when the circumstances are right. They have followed your progress for eons of time and are now ready to help you over the last few hurdles. Victory is yours and it will not be denied you.” (2)

What are they waiting for? Through one of their spokespeople, SaLuSa of Sirius, they tell us:

“We of the Galactic Federation hold the key to many developments, and are simply waiting for conditions and opportunities to present themselves so that we can go forward. Whatever the picture painted by those who oppose our presence, be assured that we cannot be stopped from completing our mission.

Hatonn, Director of Interdimensional Communications

“The sheer size of our forces is far beyond anything you have on Earth, but we do not use them to enforce our objectives even though they are in your interests. However, if necessary we will use them if so directed by the higher Beings of Light who oversee the end times. It is for these reasons that we can be so confident of the outcome, and it will carry you to Ascension and beyond.” (3)

They ask us to “trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur in a way that is exactly correct for the desired outcome. Also be assured that the end times will work out as planned, and that responsibility is ours and everything is totally prepared.” (4)

Certainly we couldn’t have pulled ourselves out of Earth’s downward spiral without them, Matthew Ward reminds us:

“Lifting Earth out of the clutches of darkness and ending millennia of bloodshed and greed requires far more power than is available in a world mired in deep third density. Welcome the willing and loving assistance of the civilizations who have that power in light and technology!” (5)

That doesn’t mean that the tasks ahead don’t challenge them, SaLuSa observes.

“When you think about the worldwide problems that exist, and the extent of the changes that are coming, know that it is quite an undertaking even for us. However, we have unlimited resources and have complete confidence in our ability to deliver the plan.” (6)

Matthew Ward

But their numbers alone allow them both flexibility and reach, he suggests.

“As we have stated, the whole mission has been carefully planned with you in mind, as we quite clearly know your full needs. The world’s population is vast, yet to the Galactic Federation it presents no problems when you bear in mind we have millions of ships at our command. So although time continues to pass by quickly, there is no real problem as far as we are concerned.” (7)

It doesn’t mean that they can dispense with prudence in distributing their gifts to us, as he tells us:

“The tasks ahead for us are quite formidable, but we will affirm again that we have no problems whatsoever in making new technologies quickly available to you. Our allies move cautiously before breaking out as the timing has to be right, and we do not want to see them run into trouble.” (8)

Nonetheless, they ‘re confident of their ability to handle whatever arises:

“Do not worry about the size of the problems, as we have more than adequate resources to handle them. Bear in mind we have millions of ships and personnel just waiting to move into action. Each know their function and responsibilities in restoring the Earth, and taking Mankind into the New Age with all of its advanced technology, and marvelous benefits for everyone.” (9)

The galactics have a total view of events on Earth, SaLuSa says.

“We are in control of Earth but not in the sense of having taken it over, but being aware of everything that is happening. We do keep the balance at all times, but have to allow a certain degree of freewill to operate. Even so it will not affect our position or your future, but simply allow matters to flow, as they should.” (10)

They can respond in overwhelming numbers in minutes, Ker-on of Venus says.

“One of our Motherships … carries many small craft suited for use in your atmosphere, and many times we have given you displays of our ability to do seemingly impossible manoeuvres. We have unlimited availability to such craft, and any emergency would see us in action within minutes.

“We patrol the Earth as a matter of routine, and we are well aware as to what is going on. It is with much love that we look after you, to ensure the fulfilment of the plan for the end-times.” (11)

They have the ability to adjust easily to changing circumstances, SaLuSa says.

“We do not experience concern in the way you do, as we have the ability to adjust to any changes quite easily and no challenge is beyond us. It is simply that our technological superiority lends itself quite readily to any situation.” (12)

Horiss, a friendly reptilian, tells us conclusively that “our military might in numbers and technology could subdue yours in a day.”

“However, ours is solely a defense force, and its purpose to defend rather than invade is the vital element of difference between our two worlds. This is further proof of our warm feelings, which extend to civilizations beyond our own.” (13)

The section of their fleets charged with our welfare are also confident, according to SaLuSa:

“Your welfare will be equally attended to and we have many different groupings within our fleets, all with great experience and expertise specialising in their own part of the program to lift you and the Earth back up.” (14)

Their power has been entrusted to them by God, Ag-Agria explains.

“Together we are the army of Light Warriors that wield the power entrusted to us by God. There is nothing that we cannot overcome and we travel every step of the way with you, until completion of this cycle. From then onwards the Cosmos opens her heart to you and invites you to enjoy the never-ending adventures through the realms of Light.” (15)

But we as a planet remain in charge of what occurs, Matthew reminds us:

“Because it is your world, it can be no other way than what you wish it to be – but do give credit and thanks to the unseen souls who are helping you create the world of your vision!” (16)

Commander Hatonn, through Suzy Ward, requests of us:

“Do not doubt that we are close by, millions and millions of us, but of course not all of us will land on your planet when the time comes for that. Most of us work out of your visual range and must remain that way to continue the service we’ve been providing beloved Earth so she can keep steadily climbing toward her plane of planetary origination in fifth density. We all come in peace, and we anticipate that most of you will welcome us and our technological assistance.” (17)

In summary, the forces of the Light are very powerful and could, if they wished, shut down all weapons on Earth. But they don’t intervene in our karmic completions. Their planning for Ascension and the events associated with it has been formidable. Their fleets are capable of meeting any challenge and adjusting to any change.

While the work is challenging for them, there’s no question of the outcome, either from their vantage point or from that of the Divine, whose Plan is unfolding.

Their presence is our guarantee of success. What we achieve, we won’t have been able to do without their support and assistance.


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For those who wonder at the galactics’ human appearance, we might wish to remember that our form, our body, called the Adam Kaedmon template, is common throughout the universe: Bilaterally symmetrical, upright, bipedal, and stereoscopic vision are some of its features. However other races may reach it, not by mammalian lines of ascent, but reptilian, insect, bird, and so on. David Wilcock explains:

‘The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It’s a natural evolution. Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.” (“David Wilcock, Project Camelot Interviews David Wilcock, Part 2 of 4 at”.)

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