Sarah`s View on GCR and Reval

We read lots of things about ZIM holders and the humanitarian projects. Quadrillions of dollars with 1 single note?
Multiple billion dollars with millions of dongs or dinars?
Does this talk to you when they say that ‘It only takes one note of ZIM to fund the entire world’s operating costs for well over a decade’?
I read many people write about what they will do will all the energy of ‘money’. There will be so much money sudenly coming to humanity so they can finally get out of survival mode?
I’m sure the awakened community has already understood what it is all about. I myself have been waiting for these times all my life…
It’s about consciousness and love. Period.
In the transition period it will surely ‘help’ to have more than we need, until we discard it totally for what it is. A transitional tool as have been the phone and the Internet.
I’m sure you can add your own visions.
Have a great day, in the abundance of the All That Is.