Heavenletter #5799 Seek Gently with All Your Heart, October 10, 2016


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Heavenletter #5799 Seek Gently with All Your Heart, October 10, 2016

God said:
Be on the look-out for all that you desire and so invite more of what you desire into your life. You are inviting all goodness to you and greater understanding of the journey you are on, including how to spark others along the way. Seek gently with all your heart.

In your heart, you are free to ask Me to keep you on track. Request. It’s fine that you are so desirous of growing that you make your desires known to Me.

Be clear on what you want. You are not begging. You are not asking for a hand-out. You are asking Me for the good I want for you. You are asking. You are not enforcing, nor are you wheedling. You are simply asking Me to point the way for you and steer you straight ahead to what makes you sing.

You want something great. You are not asking Me for an add-on. You are asking Me a fervent wish for fulfillment of a deep desire that accrues to the good of all. You are asking Me to help strengthen your receptivity for your deep desires. You are not asking Me for a half-hearted desire, nor are you sitting there waiting for Me to do it all.

And if your wish doesn’t come true soon enough for you, be far-seeing. Don’t get uptight about it. Don’t think for one moment that you have been deserted. For Heaven’s sakes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

You do not always have to get your way, nor do you always have to get your way right then and there.

There is no need to take your life too personally. No need to get het up because it appears to you that I have not given you the immaculate care you think I ought to have given you post-haste.

You intensely seek proof of love from Me and from the world at large. Take upon yourself the responsibility for the life you lead on Earth. Otherwise, you coddle yourself by playing the violin and accepting the plaintive role of victim. It is hardly your role in life to be a great victim. Surely, that cannot be your ambition to be the best — or worst – which is it? – victim on Earth. There are other ways to excel and be outstanding.

Never choose yourself to star as a persecuted innocent. Do not make yourself out as a martyr. Do not defame yourself.

From a world point of view, no one on Earth comes out unscathed. Everyone carries woes of one kind or another. Woes do not have to be carried proudly. Cross out your woes, one after the other. Even with woe, you can create a life worth creating. No bleating about your woes. Despite anything or everything, it is up to you to be a Bright Light on Earth.

Better to count your blessings than to count your woes. Of course!

It may not be possible for you to change everything in your life. What is totally within your grasp to change is how you perceive yourself in the world. Highlight what is worth highlighting. Let go of the rest.

You are not to be a critic of your life. You are not to be like a strict teacher you might have had in elementary school, a teacher who harped on you and made you feel uncomfortable about yourself. Your life is up to you. Your life is not up to a shadow from the past.

Your life is not about blame. Your life is not about what someone else makes of it. Your life is what you make of it. Wipe the mud off your feet. Wake up. Arise!

Lift your eyes. As you lift your personal world, you lift the Universe. Be the Light I created you to be. Be love. Free yourself from the past. Be. Be now.

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