Heavenletter #5796 Grace the World, October 7, 2016

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Heavenletter #5796 Grace the World, October 7, 2016

God said:
Add grace to your life. Give grace to the world. You know better than to give disturbance to the world.

You are here to grace the world and no less.

This means you are here on Earth to bless the Earth.

You don’t have to be a firecracker on Earth. You don’t have to blaze great trails. Blaze little trails. Be the Joy to the World you so crave. Give what you want to receive. This is how you become Great right before your eyes. Lift your eyes up to Mine.

Be the Ocean Waters that lap the shores.

Be the Reflection of the Sun.

Be the Grace you give.

Open doors for others. Hold them open.

You come from God.

You are a gift from God to the world.

I give you the world for its fulfillment and for yours.

You are Light I send to light the world.

You may have thought that the world was supposed to light you up when it is the other way around.

In the olden days, there were lamplighters who climbed up ladders to light street lights by hand. It is for you to light the way. Light up the eyes of all who walk on Earth. This is how you inspire the world and yourself.

You are the Lighter of Hearts.

You give water to the thirsty.

You are the Yeast of Love. Love swells in your heart and blesses the passing world. Smiles work their wonders.

You are the host who sends out invitations. You invite guests to happiness. You welcome them. You share liberally. You have more and more to give. You give an unending party. You receive all comers.

You wash your love through your one heart, and your love reaches all hearts.

You ignite love upon Earth. You reach far. There is nowhere your love does not reach.

You are a devotee of love.

You are an Ambassador of Good Will. You act on My behalf. Love goes far. Hail to love. You cast love like seeds upon the Earth. You replenish. You water a huge field of love. You keep love alive. You lay your heart bare.

You encircle the world right from where you are.

You are love. You are the Banisher of Fear. You take everyone to your heart.

You make room at the inn for all.

You are the Light of the Sun and the Light of the Moon and the Light of the Stars. You pour your light on All. You can do nothing less. You announce Light and Love. You plant the Seedlings of My Love. You kneel down everywhere and enrich the Land near and far.

You bless Earth and Heaven and all Life.

You perpetuate Love and Light and All Good Things. You minister to the world. You are farsighted. You can’t help it. All this, I assign to you. You accept.

As you breathe, you reach all the world. The world is spread out before you. The world opens its arms to you. You tread lightly on the Earth. You plant Flowers of Love. You are overcome with Love. You serve up Love.

You plant love everywhere by sowing the Light of Love. You leave no one out.

The sun shines. You shine it. You shine love, and you imbibe love. You water the land with love. Love falls like rain upon you.

The world flourishes. It drinks the rain, and the world Lives Under the Sun. You are the Bringer of the Sun.

You follow My Will as if there were no other Will. You cannot resist. You sweep love everywhere. You sing from the rafters. You are palpable.

You are the Finder and the Found. You are Everything and Nothing.

You give Grace to the World. That is all there is to give.

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