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Heavenletter #5792 Habits Are Habits, October 3, 2016

God said:
Go above and around all the detours from the good life that get under your skin, all the things that drive you up the wall, others’ habits that drive you to distraction. Odds are good that you are so distracted by habits that are equally yours and that you try to restrain. Perhaps the same tendency to procrastination runs through your veins. You might overcompensate for it in your intolerance for it.

Perhaps someone’s procrastination is intolerable. You are allergic to it. Perhaps you fall victim to another’s procrastination. No one admires procrastination, nor does anyone admire another’s nagging about it.

You might desire to see procrastination removed from the Face of the Earth or made a criminal offense, for you would love to see everything in the world ship-shape. You see no reason for it not to be.

Would you rather have someone procrastinate or would you rather be nagged at? Is one more preferable to you than another? Is one better than another or worse than another? Is it better to make promises that you don’t keep and may well forget? Or is it better to keep trying to get someone to live up to his word? Both are repetitive. One doesn’t do what he promises, and one can’t stop talking about it. A perfect combination — unmet promises and continual nagging. Neither one is valuable, yet they are prominent enough in the world.

What have you been able to accomplish about other people in the world who seem to hold you hostage in their delays? And who can stop someone from being upset and yammering on about it?

It is lovely to imagine what it is for My Children to be forthcoming and fulfill their promises and never a nagging word is heard.

In the world we have too much relaxation on one hand, and too much tension on the other.

If there are people who must nag, perhaps they are provided with people who procrastinate so that now those who must nag have an occasion to.

If people who procrastinate and their contraries who nag were eliminated from the Earth, perhaps the population would be cut in half. No one consciously desires to procrastinate nor to nag.

These are only two matters that make you tear your hair out as you desire to move forward in life. These two matters do not strengthen you.

Which one comes first? Which is the trail-maker, and who follows? No one knows. Yet both seem to meet each other along the way of life in the world.

There is no defense either way, and both ways are prominent.

What is a body in the world to do?

It seems to the people involved that there is nothing they can do. One takes on too much and promises too much. The other barks about the delays and can’t seem to be silent.

No one wants to be untrue to his word, and no one wants to be a nag.

Let’s have no more false prophets and no more yapping picketers. Where do either of these styles get you but right where you already don’t want to be?

Life offers much more than loose speech and nagging.

Don’t make promises that you will not keep. It is one thing to mean your words. You may be perfectly sincere. Unless you keep your word, you are not honest. Saying you will do something means you follow through. Keep your word, or don’t say you will, for you demean the one who believes in you and you demean yourself.

These are not small matters. From your Life, habits grow. Some habits are like weeds, and it is good to cut them down before they are well-established.

In terms of the world, it would seem that there will always be something. In terms of the world, it is always one thing or another.

See what you can do about furthering love.

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